Geoffrey Stidworthy, EAST MELBOURNE, Australia
My apologies. I did not know the items were sent separately. I received the second envelope yesterday. Thank you for your help and support. Have a great day.
When my mother got sick with diabetes I made a research on different sites as I wanted not only a high quality product but also not so high price. System of discounts at this ...
Vanessa, Hermitage
I have received the order and will be playing another shortly.
Covid-19: UK records more than a thousand virus deaths
It is the highest daily toll since April, as a further 62,322 new coronavirus cases are also reported.
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Founder Annemarie Plas says the initiative will return on Thursday under the new name of Clap for Heroes.
Can lockdown stop the new variant?
There are concerns the new variant may spread too easily to be controlled by lockdown.
Covid-19: West Midlands Ambulance Service records busiest day
One hospital boss said a two-week "lag" meant things could get worse before they get better.